Debate Topic:

Revascularizing the Pre-Transplant Patient: Yea or Nay?

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or end-stage kidney disease (ESKD). Unfortunately, most trials involving patients with cardiovascular disease have either excluded patients with advanced CKD, have included too few to permit a confident estimation of treatment benefit, or do not take into account the significant advances in modern medical therapy. Finally, while medical therapy may be an acceptable initial management strategy for many patients with CKD or ESKD, the role of percutaneous coronary intervention or coronary artery bypass grafting in patients imminently awaiting renal transplantation is less certain. Is a treat-to-target medical therapy approach sufficient in the pre-transplant population, or should we advocate revascularization of significant coronary artery disease?


To debate the role of elective coronary revascularization in patients with CKD/ESKD.


Be it resolved that patients with significant but stable coronary artery disease who are imminently awaiting renal transplantation should undergo revascularization as the primary treatment strategy.


18:00 – 18:45       
Cocktail virtual networking (45 minutes)

19:00 -  19:05   
Welcome and short introductory comments by Dr. Claudio Rigatto, Winnipeg, MB, CSN President

19:05 – 19:10
Introduction of the debate and of Speakers by ModeratorDr. Rita Suri, Montreal, QC

19:10 – 19:30
Pro-side supporting resolution – Dr. Joseph Kim, Toronto, ON (20 minutes)

19:30 – 19:50
Con-side refuting resolution –  Dr. John Gill, Vancouver, BC (20 minutes)

19:50 -  20:00
Speaker A vs. B free for all (10 minutes)

20:00 – 20:10
Audience questions and participation (10 minutes)

20:10 – 20:15
Audience post-debate voting on the resolution and Closing Comments from Moderator (5 minutes)


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