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The major purpose of the Education Committee of the CSN is to plan all educational and related activities for the membership.

These events and activities will be ongoing throughout the year and not limited to the annual meeting.

This committee will be advisory to the CSN President and Executive who will make final decisions about all educational events. On behalf of the Education Committee, the Chair will be in close communication with the CSN President and other Executive members throughout the year.

The Chair will present an annual report from the Education Committee to the President at the annual CSN Board of Directors and annual general meeting.

Committee Members


Dr. Amit

Chair, Education Committee


Dr. Juliya

Past-Chair, Education Committee


Dr. Lavanya


Dr. Marisa


Dr. Jason


Dr. Branko


Dr. Pierre Antoine


Dr. Azim


Dr. Ainslie M.


Dr. Jolanta

Ngan Lam, Nephrology

Dr. Ngan


Dr. Ilan


Dr. Peter

Chair, RCPSC Specialty Committee


Dr. Damien


Dr. Kristen

President, Canadian Association Of Paediatric Nephrologists


Dr. Faisal


Dr. Nausheen


Dr. Catherine

A. Membership

  • Chair: is a member of the CSN Council, appointed by the President, on recommendation of the previous Education Committee Chair, for a 3 year term and may serve for no more than 2 consecutive terms.
  • Membership: Chair of the Royal College Specialty Committee in Nephrology, President of the CSN, and President of the Canadian Association of Pediatric Nephrologists automatically become members of the Education Committee. The Royal College Specialty Committee Chair will become a member of the CSN Council. At least four more members from the general membership (one representing pediatric nephrology, and at least one from the community-based nephrologists), proposed by the Education Committee Chair, will be elected to serve for a 2 year term. In addition, there will be one resident representative selected by Chair at recommendation of Committee and/or Program Directors. All members may serve for no more than 2 consecutive terms, unless a member becomes Chair, in which case she/he may serve a full term as chair.

B. Responsibilities


  • The Chair will report to the CSN Executive, through the President. The Chair will organize committee meetings/communication throughout the year. Communication to the general membership will be through publication in the CSN Newsletter, via emails sent to membership from CSN secretariat, or on the CSN Web site. The Chair will prepare the annual report of the Education Committee and present it to the CSN Council at the annual general meeting.
  • The Chair will assume the duties required to maintain / renew the status of the CSN as a Royal College approved accreditor of CME events, during his/her term of office (see below).
  • The Chair will choose a CSN member to organize / coordinate the Annual Review Course (see below)


  • The Members will represent the CSN members and assist the Chair in the planning and organization of all education events including those at the annual meeting. The Members report to the Chair.
  • One member of the Education Committee will represent the CSN on the Royal College Nephrology Specialty Committee
  • Members may be asked to serve on Focus Groups as part of the CSN’s accreditation process for approval of CME events for CPD

C. Postgraduate Nephrology Education

  • The CSN Education Committee will communicate and maintain a close liaison with the Royal College Specialty Committee in Nephrology. Jointly these committees, through shared goals will seek to continually improve and enhance the educational program of nephrology trainees and the continuing education of nephrologists in Canada. Together they will seek new educational areas of interest relevant to the maintenance of professional competency and academic excellence.
  • The CSN will sponsor an annual Nephrology Review Course. This course will meet learning needs of trainees and established nephrologists. The CSN Executive and/or Council will seek corporate sponsorship for this event. The coordinator / organizer of this course will be a member of the Education Committee.
  • The Education Committee will seek to inform Nephrology Trainees across Canada about research training opportunities, job opportunities and the importance of becoming CSN members.

D. Continuing Education

  • The Education Committee will provide continuing education programs for the general membership of the CSN (adult and pediatric) in conjunction with the annual meeting and throughout the year. By communication throughout the year with the membership via the CSN Newsletter, email, and web site, topics for refresher courses, provide the forum for communication of upcoming education events.
  • Category 1 CPD approval will be sought for all appropriate CSN-sponsored Nephrology CME/.CPD events.
  • The Education Committee will review applications for approval of CME events organized by physician members of the CSN, and provide guidance and assistance to organizers in terms of conformity with Royal College regulations concerning these events.
  • The Education Committee is responsible for development, support, and guidance re: creation of other Royal College approved educational activities.
  • As long as the CSN remains a Royal College accredited provider of CME, the Education Committee is responsible for review of applications from other physician and non-physician organizations for approval of CME events for Royal College credits.

E. Funding

The Education Committee has no direct responsibility for fund-raising to support educational events. However, the committee is responsible for ensuring that relevant guidelines are followed by the CSN in terms of its interaction with corporate financial sponsors of educational events.

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CSN is an accredited provider of continuing professional development (CPD) for the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

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